Import Export :

L’import-export est l’échange de capitaux, de biens et de services à travers le monde. Il représente une importante part pour la plupart des pays du produit intérieur brut (PIB) et le développement peut aussi dépendre de l’économie de marché.

Import :

L’importation est l’entrée dans un pays de biens ou services qui proviennent d’un autre pays.


The export is the exit to another country of goods or services. International trade: International trade represents the whole of the commercial activities which are carried out around the world with the import and export of goods or services on the international scene.

Wholesaler :

A wholesaler is a professional who trades through the intermediary between the producer and the retailer.

Destocking :

Destocking is the desire for a company to reduce its stocks.

Algomtl :

Algomtl is a site that connects international companies in the context of the import and export market.

International :

International describes the interactions between different countries in the commercial or non-commercial context.

B2B :

B2B, which stands for Business to Business, refers to all activities of companies wishing to make sales only to other companies.

B2C :

B2C which stands for Business to Consumer, designates all activities of companies wishing to make sales only to individuals.

Business :

Business today refers to the business side of the compagny.

Internet :

The Internet is a global computer network accessible to the general public.

Arts and crafts :

Crafts represent the activity of a professional called craftsman, who most often performs manual work by combining experience and know-how.

Importer :

The importer is the one who imports, which means that he brings goods or services into his country from abroad.

Exporter :

The exporter is the one who exports, which means that he brings goods or services from his country to other countries.

Discount :

Discount today most often characterizes low-cost sales activity with prices below the average practiced by other companies on the market.

Stock Exchange :

The stock exchange is a place for trading goods or assets standardized between companies, for example the Paris stock exchange which is known by its popular index of the CAC40.

Trading :

Trading is a trade whose main activity is the exchange of goods and services.

Derivative products :

A derivative product in marketing, is a product derived and based on the notoriety of a work to make new sales.

Counterfeiting :

Counterfeiting is the act of reproducing or imitating a good or service without having the right to do so, which is not possible in a legal framework.

Brand :

The brand is a distinctive sign associated with a product produced by a company.